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RAM Opportunities LLC - Mining Equipment for sale, Ball Mills for sale, Crushers, Mine Hoists for sale
RAM Opportunities LLC

Mining, Mineral Processing & Power Plant Equipment for Sale since 1999


We offer the most reliable choice for all kinds of Ball Mills, Rod Mills, Pebble Mills, SAG Mills, Mine Hoists, Crushers, Synchronous Motors, DC Motors, Flotation, Mixers, Pumps, Diesel Generators, Natural Gas Generators and all the Mining Equipment you require.





15ft Double Drum Mine Hoist15ft Double Drum GHH Mine Hoist

15ft Hoist, Double Drum GHH Mine Hoist, 110,000lbs line pull, 2,000 ft per min, 5,000ft depth, Single Clutch Double Drum, 5,000hp. Location: Arizona


5,000hp DC Motor 40rpm 700volts5000hp DC Motor for sale, 40rpm 700volts

5,000hp Motor, GE, DC Motor, 40 / 80 RPM, 700 Volts, Type MCF, Exc Volts 550, Exc Amps 265, Amp Arm 5830, Wound Shunt. Location: Hamburg, PA, USA

12ft Single Drum Mine HoistMine Hoist for sale, 12ft Single Drum Mine Hoist

12ft Single Drum Mine Hoist, 65,000 line pull, Variable speed up to 2,000 ft/min, direct drive, 2,800hp, Depth 3,000 ft. Location: Florence, Arizona, USA

12.5ft x 15ft Allis Chalmers Ball Mill12.5ft x 15 Allis Chalmer Ball Mill for sale

12.5ft x 15ft Allis Chalmers Ball Mill, complete with 1500hp Synchronous Motor, 277rpm, 4160 volts, Mill rpm 16.8, Ball Mill Location: New Brunswick, CANADA


3,500TPD Complete Plant3,500 TPD Complete Plant

• 22ft x 7ft SAG Mill, 1,500hp Synchronous Motor • 12.5ft x 20ft Pebble Mill, 1,000hp Synchronous Motor • 48'' x 48'' JAW Crusher, • 4 1/2ft Cone Crusher, • 100cuft Flotation Mechanisms. Location: Florence, Arizona USA

12x14 Marcy Ball Mill12ft x 14ft Ball Mill for sale

12ft x 14ft Marcy Ball Mill with a 1,750hp Synchronous Motor, 200rpm, 2,300 volts, 3 Shells with steel liners and many discharge and intake heads to choose from, Drawings available. Location: Florence, Arizona USA

11ft x 12.5ft Marcy Ball Mill11 x 12.5 Marcy Ball Mill for sale

11ft x 12.5ft Marcy Ball Mill, spare pinion, hydraulic power pack, bearing housings, gear covers with clutch and 800hp Westinghouse Synchronous Motor, 257rpm, 4,000volts. Location: Florence, Arizona USA


10ft Double Drum Mine HoistMine Hoist for sale, 10ft Double Drum Mine Hoist

10ft Mine Hoist, Double Drum GHH (Nordberg) Hoist, 1,200hp, Hoist designed depth 2,500ft, Hoist Line Pull 25,000 unbalanced load, 42,000lbs Static Load. Location: Florence, Arizona USA

10ft Single Drum Mine HoistMine Hoist for sale, 10ft Nordberg Single Drum Mine Hoist

10ft Hoist, Nordberg Single Drum Hoist, 500hp Motor, Speed with existing motor 734 ft/min or 1,000ft/min with 800hp DC motor, Rim Pull: 22,500lbs, depth: 1,800ft. Location: Miami, Arizona, USA

5ft Single Drum Mine HoistMine Hoist for sale, 5ft Single Drum Mine Hoist

5ft Mine Hoists, Coeur D' Alene, Hoist Speed 374 FPM, Cable 1.5'' Dia, Mine Hoist Line Pull 19,000 lbs with 200hp and 35,000lbs with 400hp, Depth 1,200 ft. Location: Florence, Arizona USA


(5) 4.3MW NG Diesel Generators(5) 4.3 MW Dual Fuel Generators for sale

21.5 MW Diesel and or Natural Gas complete Power Plant with five 4.3 MW Generators, 360rpm, 4,160 volts. Location: Questa New Mexico, USA

(2) 2.5MW Natural Gas Generators2.5 MW Natural Gas Generators for sale

2.5MW NAtural Gas Generators, V16 Ruston Engines directly coupled to 2,500 KW Baylor AC Generator, 4,160 volts, 900 rpm. Location: Sarnia CANADA

(3) 3MW NG Diesel Generators(3) 3 MW Fairbanks Morse Dual Fuel Generators for sale

(3) 3MW Diesel and or Natural Gas Generators, 4,200hp 900rpm Fairbanks Morse Engines with 3,000KW Generator, 3,750 KVA. Location: Ventura, California USA


30mil Pit Liners, (9) 150ft x 225ft30mil Pit Liners for sale


Rough Terrain Hydro Jumbo DrillRough Terrain Hydraulic Drill for sale


30Ton Chiller - Underground Mines30 Ton Chiller for sale



Dynaweld, 31ft Long TrailersDynaweld, 31ft Long Semitrailers

1994 Stewart & Stevenson 6x6 Wrecker

Dynaweld, 31ft Long Semitrailers


RAM Opportunities LLC buys and sells used Mining Equipment, Mineral Processing and Power Plant Equipment such as: Ball Mills, Rod Mills, Pebble Mills, Mine Hoists, Crushers, Pumps, Synchronous Motors, DC Motors, Diesel Generators, Natural Gas Generators and more, play the video below to see some of our Inventory.

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